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Myriarchy / Encaustic monotype / 8.5x11in / Unframed

Myriarchy / Encaustic monotype / 8.5x11in / Unframed

“Myriarchy” (noun)- a government of 10,000 people
Series: Let me find the words
encaustic monotype print
6x8in on 8.5x11in paper, Unframed
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Encaustic monotype prints are an improvisational method of printmaking. Each print is made in quick succession, by directly melting wax-based (encaustic) pigment upon a hot plate. The artist then lays paper onto the hot plate to pick up the colors applied— yielding richly colored abstract compositions. Each print is unique, and no two prints can ever be the same.

I have intentionally utilized sanded paper, intended for soft pastel painting, as my ground. The velvety texture of paper offers a contrast to the rich, smooth layering of the encaustic wax surface that develops in the process. In areas where the wax is thinner, there is a melding of the encaustic medium, pigment, and the fine texture of the paper. Furthermore how the print is lifted during each printing session impacts the way the wax begins to ‘run’ on the paper.

About the Series: Let Me Find The Words (2023) solo exhibit Feb 3, 2023

In 1963, artist Josef Albers wrote, “In visual perception, a color is almost never seen as it really is – as it physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art.”

Let Me Find The Words (2023) is a series of 14 encaustic monotype prints which examine the emotional relationships of language and color, as building blocks of human expression. This series invites the viewer to reflect on meaning-making in the visual and language arts.

It is the arrangement of elements (color or words) that create deeper complex meanings for the artist and viewer.

Colors are the foundations of visual expression,
Words are the building blocks of written expression,

Each piece is titled and a definition of the title is provided for the viewer to consider in relation to the print. The title words are intentionally anachronistic, weirdly specific, or antiquated. Just as there are endless color possibilities, our words also hold infinite possibilities— we just need to find the words.