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Gilded moon / Encaustic monotype / 7x10 in/ Unframed

Gilded moon / Encaustic monotype / 7x10 in/ Unframed

Series: Crossing the waters
Encaustic monotype on handmade paper
6x8in print on 7x10in 100% cotton paper, Unframed
Cost: 60.00 USD + Shipping (added at checkout)

This is an encaustic monotype. It will be shipped to you unframed, and securely protected for its journey home to you. Encaustic monoprints can last for many years to come with proper care and framing.

Encaustic printing utilizes a pigmented wax melted onto a heated metal plate and is transferred to paper using hand pressure. Each print can not be exactly reproduced, and there is only one original per print.

Series themes: This series title "Crossing the water" refers to a poem by Sylvia Plath.