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Devi Art Studio

Free Hugs / Relief Print / 8 x 10 inchs / Unframed

$30.00 - $60.00
Free Hugs / Relief Print / 8 x 10 inchs / Unframed

Original linocut,
5x8in image on approx. 8x9.5 inch, Rives 100% Cotton Paper
Cost: ***Type of Print Version ($30-$60) + Shipping (applied at checkout)
[read further below about print versions and prices]

About this print:
"Free Hugs" is an original design by Devi Art Studio for the 2022 Xenomorph Print Exchange. This piece is an homage to the Facehuggers from the famous Alien and Xenomorph Scifi Horror films. This version has been elaborated upon with the addition of a lotus that sits atop the egg from which the Facehugger hatches. It is a parasitoid form of the species Xenomorph XX121 that hatches from an Ovomorph when a host is detected. This is the second stage in the Xenomorph's life cycle and exists solely to implant a Chestburster within a living host creature via their mouth.

This relief print is hand-printed in small limited-edition batches. Each batch is marked with a print version, and the artist signature.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an original linocut print that is printed by hand. Before purchasing your item, please note that moderate variations among prints are characteristic of this style of printmaking.

***About Print Versions:***

First Edition, Numbered Print- This is a print from the original batch of first editions created for the 2022 Xenomorph Print Xchange.

Test Print- This is a print that was for testing purposes, and was considered too light to be constituted as a numbered edition. Images are still clear, but the ink is lighter and more textured versus numbered print editions.

Blood Red Paper Print- Only two prints were done on deep blood red paper and are available for purchase.