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Devi Art Studio

Devi / Monoprint / 9 x 12 inch / Unframed

Devi / Monoprint / 9 x 12 inch / Unframed

Original linocut monoprint
9x12 inches
11.5x15 inches BFK Rives 100% Cotton Paper
Cost: $80 + Shipping

About this print:
"Devi" is a patron Goddess of painters and printmakers.
Based on traditional imagery of the Hindu Goddess Durga. The Goddess' hands hold her many tools, which she uses free her devotees of their egos and illusions. She also holds an ink brayer, a corner ruler, a paintbrush, and a small budding lotus.

Printmakers, may She keep your inks fresh, editions free of registration errors, and your printing papers smudge-free. Painters, may She give you the strength to keep your brushes clean, canvas properly stretched, and your color mixing successful.

This monoprint was a finalist for the 2022 Red Delicious Press 12-Hour Printmaking Challenge.

The center image is a single linocut, while the heavens and earth surrounding the Goddess were created using hand-carved stamps. Each print is unique, each print is composed differently, and no two can ever be the same. The print is finished with gold watercolor embellishment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an original linocut monoprint that is printed by hand. Before purchasing your item, please note that moderate variations among prints are characteristic of this style of printmaking.